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Ortho-bionomy: is often used to alleviate acute and/or chronic pain by reducing muscle tension, soothing joints, increasing flexibility, improving circulation and relaxing the entire body. Gentle positioning and movements are used to facilitate the stress and pain patterns stuck in the body. It is very effective in recovering from surgery, injuries and stress. Comfort is the focus, so no force is used to ensure effectiveness. Orthobionomy helps people break the cycle of pain – without causing pain.

Ortho-bionomy was developed by Dr. Arthur Lincoln Pauls, a British osteopath, who wanted to find a way to work with the body which honored the body’s inherent wisdom. He discovered that by working with the body and not against it, the body could find balance on its won without having to use force to correct it. The term “ortho-bionomy” comes for “ortho” meaning correct or straight, “bio:” meaning life, and “nomy” meaning the laws of or study of. He stated “ortho-bionomy” is really about understanding your whole life cycle. Naturally we focus on the structure because that is the literal skeleton upon which our life is built. When your structure works right, your circulation works better, you feel better, you think better. (Kain and Berns, 1992)

Ortho-bionomy stimulates the body’s self-correcting and self-balancing reflexes by way of the proprioceptive reflexes located in our joints and muscles. The practitioner uses movements and gentle compression to find positions of comfort which allow body to change the stress and pain patterns which are causing the discomfort.

This modality Debra has studied for years with the Society of Orthobionomy.

Craniosacral: Life expresses itself as motion. At a deep level of our physiological functioning all healthy, living tissues subtly “breathe” with the motion of life, a phenomenon that produces rhythmic impulses which can be palpated by sensitive hands. Dr. Sutherland discovered that the motion of the cranial bones are closely connected to subtle movements that involve a network of interrelated tissues and fluids at the core of the body; including cerebrospinal fluid, the central nervous system, the membranes that surround the central nervous system and the sacrum. The ability of the cells and tissues to express their primary respiratory motion is a critical factor in determining our state of health – when these rhythms are expressed in fullness and balance, health and well-being naturally follow. “Dr. Michael Kern”

slide-13Our bodies become patterned, shaped and conditioned according to how we are able to deal with stresses or traumas. Everyday our bodies endure stresses, strains or injuries that it must work to compensate for. Unfortunately, these changes often cause the body tissues to tighten and distort influencing the craniosacral system. If stresses or traumas are overwhelming, they become locked in the body as sites of inertia until such time as we are able to access resources that allow them to be processed and released. Due to accumulation of these stresses, tissues can become imprinted with the memory of unresolved experiences and may keep replaying whenever stimulated.

The emphasis of this work is to help resolve the trapped forces that underlie and govern patterns of dis-ease and fragmentation in both the body and mind. This involves the practitioner “listening through the hands” to the body’s subtle rhythms, identify places where issues are held and then follow natural priorities for healing as directed by the patient’s own physiology.

The intention of treatment is to facilitate the expression of the Breath of life and so enhance the body’s own self-healing and self-regulating capabilities. The whole person approach to healing and the inter-connections of the mind, body and spirit are deeply acknowledged.. The emphasis is to encourage and enhance the body’s own self healing/self-regulating capabilities. This therapy is most effective in resolving the effects of shock/trauma.

Debra’s training in this modality included training with the Upledger Institute, Sutherland-Sills, Peter Armitage D.O., Shea Educational Group also in Pediatric Cranial with Shea Educational Group and Pre-Peri-Natal Birth Psychology with Karlton Terry.

“Ace Massage Cupping™”: A wonderful ancient techniques has found its place in the modern world of healing. Massage cupping™ bodywork is based on the common practice of Chinese cupping therapy and the incredible results that this simple treatment produces have truly impressed those who experience its subtle power.It is used to soften tight muscles and tone attachments, loosen adhesion and lift connective tissue, bring hydration and good flow to body tissues, and drain excess fluids and toxins by opening lymphatic pathways.B.E.S.T.: Bio Energetic Synchronization Technique is a technique widely used by health care practitioners all over the world who practice mind/body healing, and who recognize the body is more than the sum of its parts. It’s a system of health care that is truly state-of-the-art in balancing body/mind/memory/soul energy fields by removing interference between your body the power that made your body. When this interference exists, symptoms develop and health deteriorates.

Removing this interference allows your body to repair and rebuild your damaged, painful condition. Keeping your body balanced will allow your body to function much more efficiently, repairing and rebuilding the damage from stress.

By touching certain key pressure points in the proper sequence with proper energy and having you think about specific memory stress, we have found that interference is removed and your body will begin to re-communicate with your brain. When they work together, with the interference removed, body balance and healing are the results.