Longevity…what research found out.

  What is the frequency for good health, irrespective of what is going on in the 3D world around us?   What does good health feel like?  Is it the absence of dis-ease, anxiety, worry, pain, etc.?  Is there a presence of something else that we become aware of? Ask your own heart, listen to
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8 ways to stay calm under pressure

I find these tools very useful and with what is going on in the world today we all need to use them more than ever!!!  I know I do!!! Simply place your hand on your heart and breathe.  This simple thing releases oxytocin which helps regulate and calm thefight/flight/freeze/appease system. Hug your best friend.  Hug
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The brain in the heart!

There is a branch in medicine called neurocardiology that proves that what this man is saying is true and physiologically sound. There are far more signals going from the heart to the brain, so what our hearts are doing really does impact how we think!  His invitation once again is to go to the heart
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The Eclipse ..celestial wisdom

With this eclipse I have been noticing my stuff being stirred up.  I know I am always reaching for greater awareness and dignity in doing this work.  Knowing in my own heart that was is being served to me is a beautiful thing to help me grow into more of my Larger (Divine) Self. Perhaps
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Event + Perception + Response = Outcome

Let’s unpack this ! So above is an equation: Event : what is happening in the outer world, what our senses are taking in at the moment.   So what is the event in your life right now that has you emotionally in a state that is draining your inner battery? This could be family,
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