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Resilience Video from HeartMath on VimeoAre you wanting to increase resilience in your organization and transform your workplace?

Leading organizations has never been so challenging and requires a new kind of awareness and resilience. Refine our skills at leading others by developing compassion and inspiration.

Another major cause of corporate inefficiency in business today is miscommunication. Miscommunication shows up everywhere, between co workers, in interactions between staff and management, at the executive level, and in the interface between company teams and consumers. The price is high- VERY high. Miscommunication and breakdowns between organizational teams are really just symptoms of a wide-spread virus within the individuals that make up organizations: stress. Stress comes from internal miscommunications between our own head and hearts, a disjointed firing of the different aspects of our own nervous systems and perceptual centers, causing inaccurate perceptions and distorted reactions

The impact of stress that is unmanaged negatively influences virtually every aspect of human behavior, and therefore it affects every issue causing healthcare costs to soar. Feeling frustrated, worried or anxious about our personal finances, our job security, our increasing workload, our lack of control, our decreasing quality of life, our personal and/or family health concerns, our roles as care-giver…all these are at the root of our increasing stress. These issues not only cause negative thoughts, worry and preoccupation, they can profoundly affect our health, our well-being, our risk for developing chronic disease, and even our cognitive function. The American Institute of Stress famously reported that about 75-90% of all doctor visits are for stress related issues. That stunning statistic should get the attention of every executive trying to rein in costs in an uncertain economy.

So logic would tell us if we want to positively impact employee health costs and retention, it would be prudent, if not essential, to address the pervasive problem of employee stress.

These programs deliver a practical skill-set to respond dynamically and effectively to pressure, emotional challenge and change. They were created by Institute of HeartMath a leader in the field of optimal performance, learning and resiliency and proven effective for individuals in their personal and professional lives. Fifteen years of client results show significant, sustained improvements in health costs, productivity, stress levels, resilience, cognition and emotional well being.

The Resilience Advantage teaches self-regulation tools and resilience-building practices that help leaders/staff become more balances, aware and high functioning.

Learning outcomes:

  • Recognize subtle stress signals before they become chronic
  • Learn powerful techniques to boost performance, resilience and quality of life
  • Use practical intuition to effectively manage change without overwhelm
  • Be less reactive, think clearly and make good decisions under pressure

Benefits Include:

  • Employee satisfaction and well being
  • Ability to focus, process information and solve problems
  • Regenerative sleep
  • Meeting efficiency
  • Teamwork and morale
  • Ability to deal with difficult clients
  • Increase vitality and resilience while reducing stress, worry and fatigue

Workshop Topics Include:

  • The latest findings from optimal performance research
  • Intelligent energy self-regulation techniques
  • New research on the effects of relational energetic on co-workers and clients.

The program can be delivered to an organization in several time formats, allowing for scheduling flexibility.