“Debra Sheehan is a Heart Math guru! Her deep understanding of this technology and her confident teaching skills make her an excellent workshop provider. Debra spent several hours with my leadership team at the college where I worked, and our learning experience with her was so rich that we continued the discussion long after the program was over and went on to integrate Heart Math in our work with students and colleagues. Debra’s work with groups and individuals is compassionate, wise, and profound. I can’t wait to be a part of another group learning experience with her.” ~ Mickey Hay, Ph.D. Thriving In The Third Act

“Having awareness to emotions and their impact on health. Doability, applicability, incorporation of science and scientific evidence!

“When in a negative space, take a minute to reset my baseline” Liked the group activity!

“Bring the heart centered feelings, based on science and physiology, toward myself”

“Learning and knowing the benefits of a coherent field”…the relational energetic segment!

“The idea of coherence and the TRUE benefit of taking the time to center myself”.

“Learning how to monitor my own physiology when stress happens in work environment””

“As a leader we can implement some of these techniques we can experience more compassion, collaboration and cooperation toward each other”. ~New Mexico Child Advocacy Center staff what they liked about the training

We have been using Heart Math/Coherence training at St. Margaret’s House (SMH) now for several years.  Debra brought it to SMH in an effort to teach our women how to help themselves out of stress.   The guests of SMH all struggle with poverty and poverty is stressful.  So living with stress everyday can be debilitating.   As each woman learns how to help herself out of the stressful situations through Heart Math/Coherence she gets a new and better way to confront stress and a way to better health.   We have had many stories from our guests about how they were able to calm themselves with Heart Math and not let their anger and frustration take over.   Debra also trained our volunteers on how to use Heart Math during a volunteer retreat.  We are so grateful to Debra Sheehan for bringing Heart Math to SMH.   ~ Patricia Marvel, Associate Executive Director St. Margaret’s House



“I am aware of the benefits of therapeutic massage! I have included this as an essential component part of my overall personal health maintenance  and wellness program for many years.”  ~ Don Rowe, retired YMCA Director

“Tim is model master of this craft and understands this issues of healing and health in an exemplary way.”  ~ TM Professor Notre Dame

“Debra has been a beautiful constant in my life for the last twenty years. A friend recommended I go to see her for some bodywork after a car accident; that was a beginning of a wonderful journey of self-discovery. Through both the bodywork and now, HeartMath, Debra has shown me real techniques for dealing with stress and anxiety. In addition, she has helped steer me through self-doubt and other defeatist emotions. She has shown me, by example, ways to empower myself and grow on so many levels; mentally, emotionally and physically. The HearthMath techniques are very powerful tools for living a full and happy life. Debra has been an amazing guide; I feel so fortunate to have her in my life.”  ~ Kim Smoyer..Grant Writer/Triad Adventures


“I started with HeartMath during a time in my life of great stress and anxiety.  I didn’t want to turn to drugs but I knew I needed to be proactive.  I also knew and trusted Debra as a phenomenal healer with both skills and wisdom to share.  Together, HeartMath’s tools and Debra as a HeartMath trainer, provided me with an effective approach to managing my stress. I was able to get clarity on how I was contributing to my sense of distress through my own thoughts and habits.

I know that meditation and prayer are powerful instruments for gaining inner peace, yet I tend to be active and restless, or fatigued and distracted.  The HeartMath emwave tool, along with the coaching and books, allowed me to enter into peaceful states of being and build awareness of my barriers to achieving that peace.  I could then take that practice with me into stressful situations and begin to feel not just relief, but more clarity and calmness.

Debra is a wonderful coach.  She has a graceful way of supporting and nudging at the same time, and led me through the process and past my sticking points. I see so many applications for this work.”  ~ Bonnie Bazata, non-profit director

“Using the tools that you helped me learn and understand so well – I am centered and peaceful so much more in my life!” ~ Jill C., RN

“Our work together prepared me for everything.  I can choose any path because I now know that my body, mind, thoughts and feelings work together.  I became in touch with myself.  What a gift!” ~ M.F. Counselor Elkhart Community Schools

“I asked Debra to coach me on Heart Math about 3 years ago when I really wanted to learn to communicate better with people and wanted to live a calmer life.  Debra is a great teacher.  She taught me that you can decrees stress and your reactions to it thru your heart.  It’s one of my many tools I use in everyday life.    I do practice shifting from negative to positve thinking and feelings more easily.  I am still working my way into a regular practice.  I know it works. “Cheryl Ziker, Feng Shui Consultant

I truly benefited from using the Heart Math materials – the books,  workbooks, cd’s, and the emwave.  Debra’s one hour  a week phone coaching  was invaluable in keeping me at it and helping to integrate the experience based knowledge.  Immediately after Debra’s coaching, I put the heart approach to good use  in the Philippines where I was teaching BodyTalk Access  healing techniques for  the second winter in a row.   Breathing from the heart and  feeling appreciation allowed me to flow through unexpectedly challenging situations with some measure of grace.” Dorothy Friesen BodyTalk Practioner

“Gaining and sustaining coherence can be a tremendously difficult endeavor.  When I first started working with Debra and using my Emwave,  I was particularly receptive to the Debra’s guidance and the Emwave’s feedback.  Debra’s coaching was intuitive, direct, compassionate, and nurturing.   These tools emerged through coaching sessions with Debra who helped me find a resourceful state every time I needed it.  Of course, like any new diet or exercise regimen, once the honeymoon stage is over, and life begins to interfere with one’s focus, good practices can fall away and familiar and long-used coping mechanisms get selected in lieu of the new habits.  This happened to me in the form of a life-changing loss.   The good news is, as soon as I remembered that Debra had taught me something that could actually lift me out of my despair, I remembered and was able to access all of what I gained in our coaching sessions.   The power of Debra’s coaching lies in her ability to intuit the deepest aspects of a person’s resourcefulness and deliver that to them in such a way as to illuminate their way on the path to peace.” ~ M. Hay, Dean of Students, Southwestern Michigan College