Are you interested in gaining new skills and tools to improve results with patients or clients? 

If you are looking for something to help people with stress and anxiety, the HeartMath techniques and technologies can be an effective solution. The techniques are simple and easy for adults and children to use. The technologies provide the visual evidence that they can have control over the body, the mind and the emotions.

slide-22According to Dr. Bessel VanderKolk , teaching people coherence building practices is important to help them learn to self regulate without the use of drugs/alcohol / medicines. With the help of the tools and the Emwave technologies they learn to bring synchronization to the autonomic nervous systems.

Practice with the emWaves quickly develops self-awareness and the ability to recognize and manage stress. Use it in your practice between patients or if anything stressful comes up during your day. Use it at the end of your day before you go home. And it is great way to start your day.