Wellness Programs

As healthcare costs continue to rise for employers, the development of comprehensive employee wellness programs has become paramount. Workplace stress has been well-documented over the years. Employee retention is a big issue for many businesses. The message is clear: more and more employees are making changes to put personal balance and health at the top of their personal priority lists, instead of waiting until retirement to be happy and healthy. One study says that only one in twenty American adults consistently engage in the five essential health behaviors: regular exercise, healthy levels and types of fat intake, five daily servings of fruits and vegetables, moderate drinking and non-smoking. HearthMath research indicates there is a sixth essential healthy behavior that supports and energizes all the other: reducing stress.

slide-31There is a set of intertwining problems affecting nearly all US organizations, regardless of whether they are non-profit or for profit, whether their industry is health care, finance, manufacturing or high tech. The problem is universal, and lurking in the background is also a universal complaint: staff are feeling more stressed than ever.

HeartMath’s program teaches employees how to quickly and effectively disengage from the stressful situation allowing them to perform better, think more clearly, make better decisions and improve their morale.

This program delivers practical skill-set to respond dynamically and effectively to pressure, emotional challenge and change. Fifteen years of client results who significant, sustained Imprpvements in health costs, productivity , stress levels , resilience, cognition and emotional well-being.

Participants learn how their responses to events, communications or circumstance can deplete or rnew their resiliency. They learn an effective skill set to reduce stress, enhance performance, improve health and well-being and build effective relationships with colleagues, clients and family.