We’ve all had times when we’ve struggled and encountered obstacles. These outer resistances are signals from our true self that there is some inner resistance, which comes from the limiting belief that we are a separate self. These resistances show up in our physical bodies! There are many ways to approach these blockages. Below is a list of modalities that can help you discover “the healer within”.

Mind/Body/Spirit: the body has patterns of pain and lack of ease, these are actually signals from deeper parts of us that desire to be “heard”. With mindfulness, deep listening and a compassionate heart, questions are asked as to “what” this pattern of pain is asking of me, and what is needed for it to heal/shift/transform. When we are willing our body/mind lets us know these answers in time.


bodyworkBodywork A powerful ally!  There is no denying the power of bodywork. Regardless of the adjectives we assign to it (pampering, rejuvenating, therapeutic) or the reasons we seek it out (luxurious treat, stress relief, pain management) massage therapy/ bodywork can be a powerful ally in your health care regimen.


Resilience Advantage Training – These trainings are designed to help organizations, wellness programs, and therapists understand that our very physiology is being impacted by “stress”.  Our objective is to provide strategies that encourage and support effective and sustainable energy-management skills. This increases the ability of individuals to more effectively self-regulate and to sustain their composure and balance as they face the day-to-day challenges in their personal and professional lives.


Coaching – Most of us have looked outside of ourselves for answers, with this work you find them within as the ancient wisdom teachings ask us to do.  We begin the journey teaching you to use science and spiritually based tools  to cultivate an inner knowing of your own heart, your own inner Guidance system. The result is a happier healthier you!



NADA – Acupuncture is the world’s oldest medical science.  Chinese medical science holds that there is an extensive and complex energy system that flows throughout the human body.  When this steam flows freely, the body is in balance and healthy.  Interruptions and blockages in this normally free-flowing energy stream cause stagnation, illness, dis-ease, and dis-comfort.  Simply stated, acupuncture is a technique that helps get the energy flowing freely and restore balance to the body.  In terms of modern medicine, acupuncture creates healing changes in the various function systems of the body.